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Industrial Electrical Service at GroupeDMN offers a comprehensive range of solutions to meet your electrical and maintenance needs. Our expert services include electrical troubleshooting, thermography, electrical room maintenance, PLC programming, and access control. We excel in industrial mechanical maintenance, planned machine downtime, preventive maintenance, welding, and machine modification.

Industrial Electrical Maintenance Service

Electrical troubleshooting
Electrical room maintenance
PLC programming, access control
Snow removal from rooftop installations

Industrial mechanical maintenance Service

Planned machine downtime
Preventive maintenance.
Machine modification

Personnel Leasing (HACCP)

Our personnel leasing service can help you fill a labor shortage, with short-, medium- and long-term leasing of industrial mechanics and electricians.
We also offer the possibility of purchasing hours at a preferential hourly rate per block:

500 hours and more ...

You can use them according to a pre-established service schedule, or for emergencies in the event of equipment failure.

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Benefit from our expertise in industrial electrical maintenance and troubleshooting. Our skilled professionals ensure the reliability and efficiency of your electrical systems, offering services such as thermography, electrical room maintenance, and advanced troubleshooting solutions.

Explore our comprehensive automation and mechanical maintenance services. From PLC programming to access control, welding, and machine modification, we specialize in enhancing the performance and longevity of your industrial machinery. Planned machine downtime and preventive maintenance are integral parts of our proactive approach.

Optimize your workforce with our Personnel Leasing services. We provide skilled industrial mechanics and electricians for short-, medium-, and long-term engagements. Customize your service with flexible hourly rates, choosing from blocks of 100, 250, or 500 hours. This allows you the flexibility to adhere to a pre-established service schedule or respond promptly to emergencies and equipment failures.


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